About Daphne MacNeil – Founder

Founder and CEO of ITZ Focus Solutions, Daphne is an experienced leaders’ strategist, consultant and coach whose passion is to help individuals, teams, organizations and communities to take inspired action towards achieving transformational change. She has been providing services to a variety of clients in the public, private and volunteer sectors.

She is an inspirational speaker, a facilitator of group processes, workshops and retreats. Daphne has a talent for working collaboratively with senior leaders for 20+ years during periods of major transformation and change. Clients include corporations, municipalities, small business, professional associations, government and volunteer boards.

Daphne is adept at creating realistic solutions in response to difficult and often sensitive organizational challenges. She offers big-picture analysis in her consulting engagements in the areas of organizational change and leadership development. She is skilled at assessing an organization’s needs strategically and crafting solutions focused on desired results. She has an innate ability to develop lasting relationships with others with whom she encounters along the way.

“After all, when it is all said and done, leadership is all about people and relationships!” Daphne MacNeil

She has designed a unique leadership breakthrough blueprint L = L∞™ to guide people to achieve improved states of well-being both personally and professionally; closing the gap between current reality and their desired future.  This blueprint is the result of many years of research, experience, continuous learning and personal practices which continue to evolve.

Daphne is crystal clear, “leadership is all about people,” she enjoys helping others to be adventurous, igniting their passion to perform, to step beyond the comfort zone, to create positive change, to achieve their full potential, to live vibrant lives while co-creating healthy relationships, organizations and communities. Topics of interest which she blogs about include: inspired action, conscious leadership, introversion, wellness for the mind, body and soul and for organizations. Every chance she gets Daphne sprinkles the spirit of Newfoundland and Labrador throughout her blogs – the land she proudly calls home.


  • Degree in Vocational Education – Business Administration
  • Certificate – Business Administration
  • Post Secondary Instructor Certification (GovNL)
  • MBSR® Teacher Training Practicum Certification
  • Facilitation – Group Process Design – MYZ Centre
  • Facilitation – Focused Conversation Method & Facilitated Planning – ICA Associates
  • Qualified Assessor Myers Briggs Type Indicator®
  • Certified Coach Practitioner (CCF)
  • Frontline Leadership Training Instructor Certified


  • Leadership: Organizational Culture and Transformation
  • Assessments: Organizational Cultures
  • Executive Coaching
  • Leadership Coaching (Personal and Professional Development)
  • Leadership Development (Workshops, Retreats etc.)
  • Facilitation and Collaboration
  • Community Capacity Building


  • NLOWE – Member
  • St. John’s Board of Trade – Member
  • Positive Thinkers Club of St. John’s – VP of Membership
  • NeuroGym Achievers – Member
  • Co-creating a Provincial Facilitators Network




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