Inspiring people to live and lead mindfully. 

Be the change!

Daphne on the docks

Daphne MacNeil

Leaders’ Consultant, Strategist, Facilitator, Advisor, Coach

We have a mission to be the leader’s hub of choice – consciously co-creating legacies for positive change. We help people identify what they desire to achieve both personally and professionally; by focusing attention and energy we help close the gap between current reality and the desired future.

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ITZ Focus Solutions Inc. delivers strategies and solutions to leaders of organizations, communities, teams, and the individual self-leader with the intention of helping bridge the gap between current reality and the desired future.

We believe that “in a gentle way, you can shake the world.” (Mahatma Gandhi).  Our success is gleaned from the collaborative, open, professional, innovative, energetic and pragmatic approach with which we engage our clients to explore relevant and often sensitive issues.

We Focus On:


Individual and Team Based Conscious Leadership


Co-creating Conscious, Evolving Organizational Cultures


Customized Strategies and Solutions Focused on Leadership Development

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