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Be Calm. Focus. Inspire Action. Evolve.

People, organizations and communities that develop the capacity to focus, with crystal clarity, on what is critical in order to create positive change, understand at the end of the day, that it is all about people and relations.

“It’s people who make you, and your company, organization or community, successful or not, in good times and bad.” General Rick Hillier

ITZ Focus™ coaching, workshops, retreats and seminars offer more than a series of quality, energetic growth experiences. They are designed with the intention to strengthen relations, to empower people to innovate, and to lead and inspire positive change – our services align with the wisdom of conscious leaders and are guided by science; we focus on tapping into creative energies, identifying viable options and offering solutions that inspire meaningful action. We are passionate about helping to create positive change in lives, among teams, inside organizations and communities. We feel inspired to help create legacies for positive change -closing the gap between current realities and desired ideal futures.

Albert Einstein believed that “Learning is experience. Everything else is just information.”

ITZ Focus Solutions create custom-designed workshops and retreats that address the specific needs of your organization.  All sessions are facilitated by wise, compassionate achievers, conscious leaders, who help you focus on embodying leadership, identifying viable options and creating solutions for positive change.

What We Do

We help people, no matter their position in life, to develop critical skills and abilities for personal  and professional growth (Personal Competence: self-awareness, self-management and Social Competence: social awareness and relationship management) as well as other key competencies depending on the position(s) they may hold and their unique needs – equipping them to freely and confidently make wise decisions while ultimately creating, living and leading vibrant lives; and calmly riding the waves of change – enjoying the journey!

We are proud of our ability to meet people where they are and how we we have been successful in developing and delivering programs and services that are focused on meeting specific needs while aligning our methods with the vision, mission, values and key performance indicators of the organizations we serve. We have delivered needs based professional development services to Eastern Health (Regional Health Authority), City of Corner Brook, Government of Newfoundland Labrador, College of the North Atlantic, and Cabot Habitat for Humanity.

How Do You Benefit

The only thing constant is change and the pace at which change is occurring is speeding up. Individuals, teams, organizations and communities are experiencing increased pressure to perform and a resulting fall-out is increased stress. Stress and depression among Canada’s workforce costs the nation’s economy more than $50 billion a year and is responsible for hundreds of hours in absenteeism, according to researchers from the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health. In the US, one estimate is that stress and the related illness, absenteeism, and ‘presenteeism’, costs organizations as much as $300 billion a year [1].

ITZ Focus™ coaching, programs and services helps:

  • Build resilience in people, teams, organizations and communities
  • Foster effective communications
  • Shift limiting thoughts, habits and beliefs
  • Create conscious leaders
  • Close the gap between the current reality and the desired ideal future
  • Facilitate and collaborate for positive change
  • Co-create organizational cultures aligned with vision, values and wellness
  • Focus on tapping into creativity to increase performance
  • Focus on strengthening the decision-making ability of leaders
  • Inspire people to achieve their full potential

See how you can benefit from ITZ Focus™ programs and services.

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