Creativity: Your Inner Artist Awaits

If you can imagine it, you can achieve it. If you can dream it, you can become it. – William Arthur Ward

Why is it, everyday objects are not able to grab nor hold the attention of most adults? Yet for tiny tots, these objects offer magical potential.  A piece of scrap paper, ribbons, bows, plastic containers or the dog’s bowl can hold great intrigue from a child’s perspective. Label anything as being a ‘toy’ does not mean little children will automatically get it. Children explore objects with fresh perspectives and a sense of curiousity. Creating from scratch, repurposing, leaving their mark; is what creatives do. The inner artist is mad alive in little children, unfortuately for many adults it has been encouraged to take a hike.

Children offer fresh perspectives. Get in their way and they may not grow to achieve their full potential. Get out of their way and the world truly becomes their oyster. We are born with creative spirits. Having  ample opportunity to connect with your inner artist is a blessing; it is as if the world presents as being a landscape of pure potentiality. Each day offers a new beginning, a clean slate, and creative adventures yet to take. Our inner artist awaits to connect with the next burst of inspiration, hoping it finds you awake, present and prepared to receive it.

Full Circle: Creativity

The education system has mined our mines in the ways we strip-mined our earth for a particular commodity and of the future it won’t service. – Sir Ken Robinson

Creativity is one of our innate gifts. Mark Twain’s character Huck Finn (Adventures of Huckleberry Finn), teaches the importance of protecting the artists. We need challengers of the status quo, innovators, folks interested in learning and growing. Leaders who tune into their creative nature are positioned to encourage, inspire and acknowledge creativity in action. Creativity is one powerful and valuable quality to possess. A word of acknowledgement or appreciation is often all it takes to engage creative spirits to innovate and cocreate. They may become the next Steve Jobs, Chris Hadfield, Allan Hawco or Oprah Winfrey – the next star performer on your team.

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Creativity is as important as literacy. – Sir Ken Robinson

Sir Ken Robinson has a passion for ensuring humans, no matter what their age, connect with their inner artist. Robinson understands the good, the bad and the ugly that exists in the world’s education systems with regards to nurturing creativity. Books he has wriiten on the topic of creativity, offers valuable insights for teachers, parents, students and self-leaders, I invite you to check these out; valuable creativity is at stake:


This is what all great works of art do: resonate with the artist inside you, no matter how deeply buried that artist might be. – Oprah Winfrey

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