Embassy of Grace:  Established 2015

How often have been beamed back to a point in time? Upon hearing the familiar lyrics or rhythm of a favourite song or upon hearing a spoken word or seeing it printed on a wall often triggers memories of days gone by.  How about when you return to a building or a place that has the capacity to blast you back into the past like a canon ball? For me, the word ‘Grace’ engages my subconscious in such a manner that I instantly return to the past as if it were the present. I bear witness to a stream of sweet precious moments many of which have the power to instantly connect me to the energy of my dearly beloved Dad.  “Amazing grace, how sweet the sound.” (sung by Susan Boyle from her album – I Dream A Dream)

My Word for 2015

“Grace” became my word for 2015. It was as if the universe was communicating directly to me via one significant word. A word I clearly associated with my father. Reverend R. F. Haines (Dad) and my mother, baptized their five daughters after giving careful consideration to the names that were chosen for each one of us.  One of my four sister’s was given the name“Grace” for her second name.  Saying ‘grace’ each meal time was a family tradition. Today, as part of my mindfulness practice, I continue to create time and space to express gratitude for the food that has been offered up. I acknowledge (in my mind’s eye) the many people who had some how participated in the process of growing, harvesting, packaging, delivering and selling the food that lay before me at each meal time – “amazing grace.”

The word ‘grace’ reverberated greatly for Dad.  “Amazing Grace” was his favorite hymn.  In loving memory of my darling Dad, each year Mom reminds each one of their children to make a donation to have this hymn sung at the Father’s Day services of St. Thomas’ Anglican Church. When I hear this hymn sung, I instantly hear Dad’s strong voice singing eloquently in my ear; engaging my heart strings which plays its own unique rhythm. The hymn, “Amazing Grace,” was played at his funeral service which was one fine gesture for a man who lived a life of grace.

The Name Grace

Grace was a name which was handed down through the generations of our family. My parent’s fifth grandchild was also baptized with this name. The universe blessed us with Sophie ‘Grace,’ one darling little girl who had the capacity to sprinkle fairy dust around him and his clan whenever she was present. She was a gift from the universe at a time when Dad and his family were preparing for his passing. Sophie offered an abundance of great beauty, grace and big love! Mom’s and Dad’s great-grandchild was born in 2015. Ava ‘Grace’ was baptized at St. Thomas’ Church, yet another magical spirit delivered to us from the great beyond!

Grace surrounded me throughout 2015. It showed up in a community of like-minded women with whom I developed a strong connection. We regularly met at a special location that offered great energy. The word “GRACE” adorns one wall.  We lovingly referred to our meeting place as “The Embassy of Grace”.  Dad’s presence is felt by me and others who have come to know me. People who enjoy the many stories I impart about the grace filled journey I was blessed to have shared with my Dad.

A Grace Filled Birthday 

For my birthday a dear friend of mine gifted me with the book, Grace: Quotes & Passages for Heart, Mind, and Soul edited by B.C. Aronson. A pure coincidence? Not likely. I turned the pages of this grace filled gift and sensed the universe was delivering yet another message to me.  Being present that evening was a huge gift.  The power of positive energy flowed freely. The ‘Gals with Grace’ met in ‘The Embassy of Grace.’ Finally, being gifted the book titled “Grace” offered up a hat trick, a blessing of sorts. In the town he grew up ( Wabana, Bell Island) Dad was known for his hockey talent. I am sure he was no stranger to delievering up a few hat tricks.

The seeds of grace sown by my father and our collective ancestors had grown.  How truly magical and marvellous don’t you agree? A community of like-minded people, shining their collective light for one and all to see.

I feel blessed with the grace of my father, our ancestors, the creator and this magnificent group of like-minded gals. “How does it get better than this?” I asked.  A book from my past literally shows up from an abyss in my home.  “Abounding Grace: An Anthology of Wisdom” was edited, with commentary by M. Scott Peck, M.D.  author of the classic book The Road Less Traveled, Timeless Edition: A New Psychology of Love, Traditional Values and Spiritual Growth which I read a few years back, the title resonates to this day. Serendipity is sweet.

One Final Message 

In 2015, I was nominated to join the Board of Directors for The Positive Thinker’s Club of St. John’s. I was voted in as the VP for Membership. During our first meeting of 2016, the veil of grace blessed me once again. The newly elected President,  Lisa Payne announced to the group that her word for 2016 was “Grace.  I can’t even make this stuff up! It was a full circle moment for me. The torch was passed.

One final tidbit of information which I feel the need to reveal. The President of the Positive Thinkers Club is currently attending my Dad’s alma mater, Queen’s College, Memorial University of Newfoundland.  Lisa is woman on her journey to becoming an Anglican Minister like Dad. A leader who has set an intention to serve with grace.

The seeds of grace have clearly been sown and are scattering far and wide touching many a soul.  May grace reach you where-ever you may go on this marvelous planet which all of humanity calls home.


Copyright ©Daphne MacNeil 2016


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