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Statement of Philosophy

“Think: People!”

Our mission is to be the leader’s hub of choice – consciously co-creating legacies for positive change. We help people to identify what it is they desire to achieve both personally and professionally and by focusing attention and energy on what it is they aspire to achieve, we help close the gap between current reality and desired futures.

Our corporate philosophy “Think: People!” has been inspired by the wise and compassionate actions of conscious leaders who have walked before us.

Our Founder and CEO Daphne MacNeil was determined to make people the focus of her business strategy as she believes, “It’s people who make you, and your company, organization or community, successful or not, in good times and bad.”[1] Gen. Rick Hillier. By assigning priority to people, they will be inspired take action for positive change. The ITZ Focus Solutions Inc.’s corporate philosophy aligns with the belief that people create reputations which impact performance.  This corporate philosphy forms the basis for ITZ Focus Solutions Inc.’s leadership strategies and solutions.

Our “Think: People!” philosophy recognizes the importance of creating a conscious organizational culture that is focused on: strengthening relations; empowering people to reach their full potential; innovating and taking calculated risks while focusing on creating viable solutions for future success (individuals, teams, organizations and communities).

[1] General Rick Hillier

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